Jacket and Outerwear Custom Order Form

Please use this order form to ensure that all important special order information is included in its entirety.

Please note your previous PO#, sales order # or GAME invoice #:
(If referencing a previous order, please be sure to select sizing for this reorder.)

1. Choose a style and page number

2. Choose a body color Color# (pg 74) (for wool and leather, or vinyl only)

3. Choose a sleeve color Color# (pg 74) (for wool and leather, or vinyl only)

4. Choose a pocket trim color Color# (pg 74) (for wool and leather, or vinyl only)

5. Choose a knit trim pattern #
(Knit trim color is always closest to body, then stripe, then feathering that borders stripe.)

Knit trim base color: Stripe color: Feathering color:

6. Choose a snap/zipper color

7. Choose a lining Quilt Kasha Taffeta No lining

8. Choose a shoulder insert color (if applicable) Color:

9. Choose a collar or hood letter and color selection (upside and downside if applicable)
* Please note. If braiding is required indicate Mitered or Cross-over and color:

10. Choose quantity by size (Please indicate "Tall" if needed)
Adult: XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Youth: S M L

11. Special options

(Sorry, special orders cannot be returned, refunded, exchanged, or combined with stock orders.)

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*ANY CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING WITHIN 48 HOURS. Once garments are cut no cancellations will be accepted. All Special Orders must be filled out completely on the GAME Sportswear Special Order form or your order will not be processed. If a deposit is needed, we accept Visa/MC and AMEX or a certified check or money order. *All COD Accounts using Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Certified Check or Money Orders will require a 50% deposit when order is placed.

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